Jane Yellowrock Kill Page,  (possibly incomplete) compiled by Sara Lutton,
(Per the writer: This page has hidden elements. If you see the starred items (*) you are in the hidden section of the page.)

*As Beast: A logger in the 1800s*

*Beast killed a deer–claws sunk deep, a single wrench snapped her neck.*

Assisted Det. Paul Braxton’s kill of Dr. Hainbridge, a vampire. Jane insisted  that Brax cut off the heads of Dr. Hainbidge and his 7-year-old “son” to avoid local complications.

An entire blood family in an old mine: a young female vamp singing, “Starlight, Starbright.”  With Brax, shot two vampires (using silver-flechette rounds) then dispatched them with a knife shaped like a small sword. Two more vamps attacked from behind.  Jane and Brax shot at them, but Brax was injured.  A vampire lay at his knees, a stake through her chest.  Jane beheaded these two rogues. When the last two vampires attacked, one grabbed Jane and one Brax, both going for their throats.  *Even with Jane’s throat mostly gone, her face started shifting.  Her hands became clawed and tawny, dug into the skull of the vampire, and slammed him into the rocks.  She ripped out his throat and tore into him.*  Before Brax died, he staked his vampire.  Jane took the heads of the last two vamps.

Jane used a silver cross to burn a young, female vamp that attacked her and bit her right forearm, then shoved a collapsible travel stake in her heart.  Derek Lee used Jane’s vamp-killer to decapitate her. Derek and his friends killed her male maker nearby in the streets of New Orleans.

*Beast killed a Crone (liver-eater) who was eating a female vampire. Beast jumped on the liver-eater, paws on her back, killing teeth at her neck, ripped out her throat, then tore off her head.*

Jane went after the Skinwalker who had been posing as Leo Pellissier’s son, Immanuel.  She first stabbed him in the chest with a stake, but it had no effect because he was only impersonating a vampire.  After the witches’ intervention failed, Jane shot him several times with the Benelli M4 shotgun loaded with silver flechettes.  Then Jane threw one of Molly Trueblood’s charms at him, which exploded with witchy fire.  After he attacked Jane in his sabertoothed tiger form, she thrust two vamp-killer knives into his chest, one of them finding his heart.  She got another knife, shoved it through his eye into his brain, then threw the last of Molly’s charms at him, finally killing him. Jane also felt she had killed Antoine because of the mishandling of the first talisman that had released the liver-eater from Antoine’s witch hold and killed two witches.

Jane staked a newborn female vampire rising from the ground, then cut her head off with a knife.

*Jane turned in 6 vamp heads for a receipt on Derek’s behalf.*

Jane killed a newly risen vamp, LeShawn Brandt, when he jumped her and landed on a silver-tipped stake that went into his heart. By accident.

Jane ran into a circle of witch-vampires, slashed Tristan’s eyes with a knife, blinding him, then did the same to Rafael.  A former Marine staked Rafael and another one took his head.  Derek Lee cut off Tristan’s head.

Jane stabbed Baldy with the sliver of the Blood Cross, causing him to be engulfed in flames. 

Jane shot and killed a werewolf with her Benelli M4 shotgun loaded with silver-flechette rounds. She shot two more werewolves with the M4, taking them down.  Assumed to be dead.  Then she shot another one in the face with the M4.  Definitely dead. Firefight continued. Unknown number of dead werewolves. When Jane was down to her silvered blades, Girrard Di Mercy joined her. She cut into the belly of one, hamstrung of another, who was an insane female werewolf. This one survived. Seven wolves seemed to be dead, five were seriously injured.  Uncertain how many Jane killed and how many were killed by Girrard Di Mercy.

*Beast killed a male mountain lion who had killed her kits.  She had tracked him, leaped down on him, dug claws into his flesh, bit fangs into his spinal column, and shook hard to break his neck.*

*Beast gave a mercy killing to an injured fawn left behind by werewolves. *

Jane shot a werewolf with her Benelli M4 loaded with silver-flechette rounds.  It hit him in the ribs.  Assumed killed. She shot the second one in the neck with the M4. He was dead on his feet.

*Beast grabbed a chicken, snapped its neck with killing teeth, then did the same to a second.  She grabbed both bodies and ran off to eat them. She never told Jane.*

Jane and Derek’s Vodka Boys together killed 12 werewolves at Booger’s Scoot, including
Booger (new werewolf),  Roul, and the human blood-servant Tyler.  Not clear who had the kill shots. Magnolia Sweet was killed by the grindy.  Rick LaFleur was rescued.

Using the Walther PK 380, Jane shot an armed intruder in her hotel room.  He was human. He died.

Jane shot Thomas Stevenson (a Naturaleza vampire) in the belly with her M4 shotgun, then stabbed him in the lower left side, above the hip, with a long, slender blade.  She stabbed him in the stomach and up into his aorta with another vamp-killer blade.  Finally, Jane used her favorite vamp-killer with the elk-horn handle to cut his throat, sever his windpipe, veins, arteries, and tendons.  Jane finally had to use one of Thomas’ swords to sever the spine and completely remove his head.

Jane used her favorite silvered vamp-killer to penetrate Evangelina’s hedge of thorns spell to rescue Gregoire.  Unfortunately, she stumbled with the momentum of going through the hedge of thorns and fell into Evangelina, the vamp-killer piercing between her ribs, slicing through her aorta.  She died moments later.

With her right hand, Jane caught the knife thrown by  Big Evan. She was also holding the blood diamond necklace, which was coated with Evangelina Everhart’s blood.  She stabbed it into the belly of the demon, Kalona Ayeliski. Jane shouted, “Hayyel!”  Big Evan spoke the Gaelic binding.  (The demon didn’t actually die, but he was sent back to hell. This writer believes it counts as a kill.)

Jane shot the woman blood servant in the midcenter of the forehead and killed her with the Walther. This was a human trying to kill other humans. Then Jane threw a blade into the throat of another human posing as a bellboy.  Her second blade hit a second man under the left arm.  Wrassler took this one out with a forehead shot. Several humans were killed in the melee. *Jane Yellowrock was filled with guilt.*

* Beast chased a velociraptor-like demon into the Lower World, then jumped onto the demon, sank her back claws into its haunches, her front claws into its shoulders, buried killing teeth in its spine, shook it hard, tearing through flesh. Beast gripped the demon’s throat, sinking killing teeth deep and tore its throat out. Kill to Beast.* 

Jane used her fourth shot in the M4 to destroy one of the Swamp Things that Laz had been fighting.

Four werewolves were killed.

Two blood slaves attacked Jane at the Sedona Mountaintop Airport. Jane fights them with her vamp-killer, fists, and feet until one of them shots Tory (first mate), who had come to help her.  Then Jane used a throwing blade to kill one of them and knocked the other one out. *Another human kill for Jane to agonize over.*

*Beast used her canines to tear open the throat of an old male goat, eating him while he was still dying. Beast never told Jane.*

Jane killed an assassin – human.

Jane fired two shots from her M4 shotgun, loaded with silver-flechette rounds, into a vamp.  He refused to yield, so she took his head.

Enemies attacked the Pellissier Clan Home. Two of Leo’s vamps–Louise D’Argent and Peter Schensky–were drained.  Jane had to take their heads so they did not rise as revenants.

Jane shot a male vampire in the abdomen with the M4 loaded with standard ammo.   When he rushed her, Jane shot him again, this time in the head, and said, “So much for keeping them all alive.” *This writer finds this amusing.*

Jane recovered and relived the memories of torturing and killing the men who murdered her father and raped her mother.  Now she remembers how the second man died at her hand. *Her guilt is growing. Is she really just a killer?*

* Beast jumped on the back of the wild boar, eventually suffocated the boar and kept shaking it until it died.*

In Natchez: Jane was shooting with her M4, Bruiser taking their heads once Jane has shot them.  Once the M4 was empty, Jane switched to the Walthers and went for head shots.  The soldiers and Rick joined in the fighting.  Jane pulled two vamp-killer blades.  It’s not clear who killed how many vamps, but there were 14 dead vamps when it was over.

*Beast and Jane dropped down out of the tree onto the vamp enemy Enforcer, claws sinking into his back, and bit down on the back of his neck.  She shook him and he fell onto his own knife.  The vamp Enforcer’s human assistant ran up.  Beast jumped on his back, sank killing teeth into his neck, tore flesh, shaking hard.  Beast broke his spine high up near the skull, killing him.  Beast went back to the Enforcer, bit down on his throat, crushed his windpipe.  Beast kept lapping the vamp’s blood.  Finally, Beast bit and bit at the vamp’s neck, spitting out the flesh, then bit through the neck bones until she severed the vamp’s head from the neck and killed him.*

* Beast was hungry and went to the bayou.  She caught one Canada goose in her jaws, another one in her claws, and killed and ate both.* *Beast later ate three more geese.*

Jane stabbed DeAllyon with a silver-tipped ash stake to the heart, then sliced into his neck with her vamp-killer, which caught in the crevices of his spine.  She kept sawing away until she severed his head.

Jane fired Eli’s shotgun loaded with silver flechettes and blows off the head of a female Naturaleza.  She uses the other round in the shotgun, then the nine-mil, but, despite what should be fatal wounds, the Naturaleza vamps start healing.  The only vamp that stays dead is the one whose head was blown off.

Jane used her 18” blade to behead one of Silandre’s young male vamps, then moved on to behead a second one that had been shot by Eli. Then Jane moved on to behead a third male vamp.

*  Beast grabbed two egrets, one in each front paw, killed them with claws, and ate them.*

Jane used her M4 to shoot off the head of a male vamp.  She injured a female vamp with the shotgun, then took her head with a vamp-killer blade.

Jane shot a female spidey vamp with her M4 several times, then cut off her head with a vamp-killer.

Inside an autopsy suite, Jane beheaded a female vamp with her vamp-killer.  Next, Jane blew off the head of another female vamp with her M4 shotgun. After Eli threw the flashbang in the morgue fridge, Jane killed three vamps and Eli killed three. 

Jane fired multiple shots from her M4 into a spidey-revenant-vamp thing, finally hitting the pocket watch amulet, then pulled her vamp-killer and hacked off its head.

Jane fired the M4 at the spidey vamp Bruiser had been fighting, managed to hit its amulet, causing it to be disabled.  Bruiser used a shotgun to fire four rounds into its eyes.

 Jane, *using Beast strength and fury* leaped onto the back of a 7-foot tall spidey-vamp-thing, drawing her nine-mil.  She reached around, grabbing the chain of the pocket watch amulet and fired repeatedly into it, then ripped it from his neck.  Eli emptied his sub gun into the thing’s head.

 (I’ve included these last two items because Bruiser and Eli would not have been able to kill the creatures without Jane having disabled them by destroying and removing their amulets.)

Jane used her blade to slice off Lotus’ head.  Bruiser had followed Jane’s lead and cut off Silandre’s head.