Our Business Model is hunting, staking, and beheading rogue-vamps, tracking and executing were-creatures and other supernatural creatures who break the law and try to turn more of their kind or eat humans, and dispatching any being who practices blood arts with human sacrifice.

Yellowrock Securities works closely with law enforcement and adheres to all local, state, and federal laws. In conjunction with law enforcement officers, our company stakes, beheads, and brings to true death vampires who have lost their minds and killed, drained, and sometimes eaten humans. We have been successful at this aim, with a 98% kill-rate. We have taken down entire blood families of young, rogue-vampires in the Appalachian Mountains, beheaded old rogues who devoured tourists and law-enforcement officers in Louisiana, ended the reign of revenants in Natchez, Mississippi, and many more. For a full list of kills, see our Kill Page. Yellowrock Securities is fully licensed as security experts and has concealed-carry permits in most states in the Southeast. Our fulltime team consists of a tracker, weapons specialist, and technical expert. We hire teams of former active duty marines as needed.

Yellowrock Securities is bonded and licensed in seven states, and our carrier will work with yours to provide us all with suitable, extensive coverage.

Terms and Conditions: Yellowrock Securities accepts no responsibility for damages relating to the tracking or dispatch of paranormal creatures. Yellowrock Securities IS NOT responsible for cleanup following the tracking and dispatch of paranormal creatures. All repairs and cleanup will be the responsibility of the hiring parties. Please check with your home or business liability insurance carrier prior to contracting with our firm. If you are contacting us on behalf of a municipality, county, parish, or state, please have your insurance carrier provide us with proof of liability at the time of initial contact. No contracts will accepted without meeting the liability coverage condition.

 For long-term projects (ones that involve a stay of more than two days), we require the presence of three rocks, weighing at least 200 pounds each, to be placed at or near our hotel or rental house, in a mutually agreed upon, discreet location. Granite, marble, or any of the calcite rocks are acceptable. The presence of boulders is non-negotiable. Damage to said boulders is not the liability of Yellowrock Securities.

Local Law Enforcement must be made aware of our presence and activities in their jurisdiction and must provide written approval for jobs in their jurisdiction.

Jobs We Will Not Take: Yellowrock Securities is not a killer-for-hire company. We will not accept contracts that interfere in local Mithran politics, nor any kill-contracts on sane vampires unless authorized by the Master of the City of New Orleans and the Southeastern United States (with the exception of Florida) Leo Pellissier. We will also not accept kill-contracts on witches who are using their gifts properly and within accepted witch methodology. We attempt to partner with local law enforcement, state law enforcement, and PsyLED on every contract.

Contact: We will return contact within 24 hours, for serious searches only, and will require a deposit up-front. See below for contact info.

Travel Fees: This fee is based on mileage, to include all hotels, meals, ammunition, and incidentals. Fees will differ based on the paranormal creatures and beings we are contracted to hunt, expected difficulty of hunt, and estimated length of time hunt will take. An itemized statement will be provided at the end of the job, and final payment is expected in full at that time.

You can find Jane: Somewhere in the US on a Harley, stakes in her belt, her M4 across her back. Yellowrock Securities gets the job done.


Contact us at JaneYellowrock@aol.com



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